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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>mark:and it could now take months >> james: river to start of with this live the tear at the cemetery ridge and the rain for the end of the week with the intent is to lay some minor flooding with the ground being inundated with the amount everywhere expecting with surly they
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added that we can get we hope it also took down into the ground and he was resting the weather right now little hazy the fall is out and about is not terrible in the east may in the south of lake is a little heavier and another will show you that coming up invisible system partly cloudy skies this afternoon temperatures that will be in touch on the guest today it >> james: that last friday before the storms arrive we have the first one coming in thursday night through the day on friday and then storm number to arrive saturday night and be with us through sundays so plan on it would weaken ahead to the net losses will said there but that what we have to look for to run into the weekend. richmond 69 is 67 berkeley open will be the ones on the list of 71 of the six is
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for santa in hayward fremont come in right of the 70 degree mark >>george: the 580 ride a shot said live there was an accident on every boulevard as turner commute into a hot spot where not tracking a 44 minute drive times. trip from the out amount as out to the dublin and to change it and have this chapter of course is time to get to the air when a bull or and then the problem reporter was 580 at a glance line so that will further slow the rise coming in from trace it if you're heading toward the bay bridge this morning we're looking at a pretty good size back a already reaches to was grand avenue and with the meter and less active now with an expected backed up to concede to grow to six in 18 minutes to are the macarthur maze. >>george: reply starting to
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pop of just passed so pleasant and the drive time starts to is inclined at 1415 minute time from hayward over to senate sale >>mark:four home invasion robberies in just a few days in san francisco. the latest one happened last night. >>mark:and police have no suspects >>mark:kron 4's yoli aceves is live with more on what happened. >> reporter: as you mentioned the latest one happened last night over at the visitation valley it was reported that a man came in with a gun held those people down at gunpoint while four other men came into the residence and basically what the home that also took one of the home owners it happen all over this city for so was over an ocean view the second one was over and
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diamond heights area of and on sunday it it was over and the diamond heights and the area. >> reporter: happening in different parts of the city one was an eye for the other was at the point they're trying to figure out whether this is bay done by the same rink or an individual people or just happened to be robbing individuals. if they have any witness their side get a good idea of full assistance already seen this or any talk of the complete content please apartment this is pretty drastic than to have a home invasion every single night for the last four nights at the ramparts of the committee will want to try and capture any of these suspects. >>darya:more developing news
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this morning. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. >>darya:it happened in the 94-hundred block of mcarthur boulevard around 8:15 last night. >>darya:that's in east oakland. >>darya:police found a man who had been shot, and he was hospitalized. where he was later pronounced dead. >>darya:no other injuries were reported. >>darya:no arrests have been made, and police haven't released any suspect information. >>mark:big news we're following this morning. >>mark:police are releasing pictures of a sexual assault suspect that they're looking for in hayward. >>mark:officers say the man molested a little girl as she was shopping with her mother. >>mark:these photos were taken by a surveillance camera in a 99-cent store on mission boulevard. >>mark:police say the man approached the eight-year- old girl on sunday while her mother was shopping and they were momentarily separated. >>mark:police say the man
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told the little girl not to tell anyone about what happened. >>darya:park officials say toxic algae at lake chabot in castro valley. may be linked to the drought. >>darya:so far. the blue- green algae has killed 3 dogs. >>darya:two dogs died in december. and a third dog that visited the park last wednesday. died later that night. >>darya:they say the algae can bloom with the help of low water levels. little water circulation. and a rise in temperature and light. >>darya:park officials have posted additional signs around the lake. warning visitors about the algae. >>mark:caltrans says it could take as long as five months for crews to fix problems with the tension bolts on the bay bridge. >>mark:the problems were first discovered last september. caltrans engineers found bolts sitting in about two feet of water that seeped in because grouting was done incorrectly. >>mark:but it wasn't until five months later for the contractor to start making repairs.
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>>mark:and caltrans is imposing a 25-thousand dollars a day until the work is complete. >>mark:caltrans officials say they are keeping a close eye on the project. we're working really close to to ensure that it takes in accordance with the contract. >>mark:caltrans says the work will take place out of sight and that the bridge is safe to drive on. >>darya:still ahead on the kron four morning news. >>darya: she was found unconscious in the bathtub over the weekend much like her mother died three years ago and prosecutors have not presented evidence is a prose that as san francisco man was a mastermind behind an underground web site to live would hear from our roof on the front street in san francisco looking at the bay bridge 57 degrees ride
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nonsense francisco by this afternoon 66
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>>george: the hot spot this morning interstate 580 ride is already nearly an hour now for the out to my past most of that is an early
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return accident westbound and airwave keep up-to-date on track the weather and news of the kron 4 mobile application a free download the works on android and apple devices. >>darya:prosecutors have wrapped up their case against a san francisco man accused in a murder for hire plot and running a billion dollar underground drug web site. >>darya:they say ross ulbricht is the mastermind behind the "silk road" web site. where more than 100- thousand customers bought cocaine, heroin and other drugs. >>darya:yesterday, prosecutors presented evidence claiming ulbricht paid 730-thousand dollars to have six people killed. >>darya:they were apparently a threat to his business. >>darya:ulbricht has pleaded not guilty. and is disputing reports that he operated online under the alias "dread pirate roberts." >>darya:his defense team says he was lured back to the web site as a scapegoat just as federal investigators were closing in on the business.
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>>mark:now to the latest on the winter storm hitting the midwest and northeast. >>mark:a freezing spray warning is in effect along the northeastern coast. with temperatures in the teens and twenties and wind chills below zero from philadelphia to portland, maine. and that could make the roads very dangerous for drivers this morning. >>mark:this is video out of chicago where the snowstorm dropped more than 19 inches of snow and more than a foot on southeastern wisconsin. >>mark:winter storm warnings were in effect overnight for northeastern maine. where up to 18 inches of snow is expected to fall. >> james: sister the not too much story about a fairly hard really fast across new england over the last day and cause a lot of problems
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to adjutancy is come down quite a bit they're still looking for some farmers out their main revenue of more of the most annoying when today's the day to the gathering of quite a bit to dig boston and saw all parts of for little more than 40 into the snow of the course of the last week is for the answers and the eskimos never got in one week. in modern or history to all the backed 891 is pretty impressive to the west of boston out there will serve 60 enters this 5 ft.-tall and last we would do all the snow. >> james: lack the forgive out was it a little while that is the story would know it when this morning six law visibility for concord and the more my mom visibility in the south back down there san jose that is still in
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their religious and general haziness if you once called fog north bay is where it's at right now concerns the temperature were sale loss of men's upper 40's and low 50s across the map with a 46 percent rose and about the 49¢ of the in the east bay is a bit of a mixed with a 48 concord 47 appliance and aware of the low 60s and add to or at the fifth degree rather the same temperature and open at the moment mid- 50s in san francisco. as for temperatures should warmer for the upper 60s and low '70's the pretty one that is 72 in san jose 68 antioch 69 in richmond and that it could get warm enough that it will come pretty close to tying it not perhaps even breaking our record high for high >> james: here is we're expecting to buttress the be today amounts of you probably have the best shot 70-to tie its old record in the old cities in the list
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and were for one to three degrees of the record and can give you an idea of how nice it on to read this afternoon with the fall goes way beyond to their we're looking for more whatever and renown impact in the pacific northwest should arrive in the bay area thursday night as around one in impacters off friday and saturday night and through sunday you have room to is to be pretty decent raymond discussed for not make as we get closer to the store will find exactly how much rain will expect to what it will fall and give you idea you've been talking up for five to 6 in.. >>george: for the ride is a little more this morning westbound interstate 580 early, problems the backed up the ride were looking not at a nearly one hour drive time from the out to my past for the dublin and to change this is a door pretty was southbound because there's no traffic getting through to it on was about 581 01 more runs the tobacco earlier this morning at the
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coyote valley that is cleared out the we're still a little heavier getting up at the guadalupe parkway for the montague expressway but other freeways still a great in the south bend and and what they ride more rent county has not really begun to back up yet for the southbound trip. >>george: a little slowing fast success in getting up the hill there track in a jar to the bay bridge westbound this is tennis traffic fairly typical were still looking at about 1820 men drive times have not yet met the to the macarthur maze you're ride to the cemetery ridge highway 92 is definitely getting heavier but has not all must to 15 minutes to the trip time for the golden gate bridge problem free here would like traffic and the commute size of the ground and over at the richmond grandeur ride on westbound 580 still looks great they're still no delay on 583 richmond for the west ought to be leading toward
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the toll plaza. >>darya: investigating last week's deadly four-alarm fire in san francisco's mission district. and business owners and residents are trying to salvage what is left of the building. >>darya:the fire broke out last wednesday. >>darya:this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. >>darya:the charred areas are now surrounded by fencing. >>darya:people who lived on the upper floors of the building haven't been able to get into their apartments but business owners went back in for a second time yesterday. >>darya:they say there's still no word on how long it will take to repair or rebuild. we have been in business for 21 years that we know is very hard to start over again it is destroyed all were things chairs and tables and the local business around us it's a
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sad thing to say. >>darya:firefighters issued a statement yesterday. saying the fire is not suspicious in nature. >>mark:two bay area family doctors are now urging parents to vaccinate their children because of the measles outbreak. >>mark:first linked to disneyland. outbreak has spread to several states. and in the last few days. another reported case in solano county. >>mark:kron four's vicki liviakis has the latest on the disease that is spreading like wildfire. their body is a will to fight off the virus and prevent infections if your people that was the to its other. >> reporter: family doctor and san francisco was sounding the alarm to his patients. get your kids back the manic across the bay in
6:22 am
marin one pediatrician the jar hot line at the two blacks and siblings both came down with the measles i've seen children with brain damage from measles his foot in his face is on notice and perce multiplexing you have to find another doctor. we do know what our practice to be where that case showed up within not want to be spreading measles an hour waiting room and oppose a full vaccine the measles vaccine is considered extremely effective.
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>> reporter:hillary clinton weighed in on vaccinations in a tweet last night. >> reporter:the former secretary of state and likely 2016 presidential candidate tweeted this-- quote -- "the science is clear: the earth is round, the sky is blue and hashtag- vaccines work. let's protect all our kids." >> reporter:clinton wrapped up her tweet with a humorous hashtag: grandmothers-know- best. >> reporter:her tweet may be aimed at republican presidential hopefuls chris christie and rand paul, who have recently questioned whether vaccinations should be required and whether they are tied to mental disorders. >>darya:the family of whitney houston's daughter. bobbi kristina brown. says she is "fighting for her life." >>darya:the 21-year-old remains in the hospital. after she was discovered face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub at her georgia home over the weekend. >>darya:her husband. nick gordon. tried to revive brown while a friend called 9-1-1. >>darya:there are reports
6:24 am
that brown is now in a medically induced coma. >>darya:whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub almost exactly three years ago. >>darya: while officials try to figure out what is that a mystery to the has been killing bay area birds we have the latest for you and watching the changes coming in the area whether and the traffic which has not changed much with the approach to the richmond center for a bridge and rain is on the way.
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>>mark: they're making a quick recovery official said merrill's more clean enough to bird either tomorrow or thursday international bird rested our release 86 bird back into wild nearly a hundred and 32 are still being cared for the first appearance on the shores of the east bay and peninsula about two weeks ago they're still working to identify the unknown substance there recovered and. >>darya: our next chance of rain finally on the horizon will to exactly when the drought on a fall and how much were supposed to get into it the efficent whatever it was as dry an easy ride at the moment a from a dispute between children of the late robert williams and his
6:28 am
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>>mark: after a trip the digit game yesterday we are expecting the higher opening this morning the main reason oil prices higher for the third day in the road out features of 27 ahead of the opening bell and the good news a regular check each listed on the new york stock exchange and will be filed for bankruptcy and of real set on the new york stock exchange is been below $1 for the last six months.
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>> james: if you're not relevant today's economy you are out. when there things the horizon where fed to talk or write now going on a tomorrow will be a mild day but thursday night and started as a we are expecting the first round of line to hit the bay area is to be pretty decent and the thing with that run is that it looks like it's going to be stalling over the lot they a little bit longer than everywhere else and we're looking for some really decent rental for good bit of the wind rushing on that to come this were looked like red not the golden gate bridge visibility pretty good. >> james: in another place where the fault of his heaviest were also put in some of an expense of play is well worth the tracking math for you and for a second 50 minutes for now
6:32 am
here was a quick look the will can expect going forward this morning will have a lot of mess up before is the low fifties on the thermometer read not continue to early morning our the fall eventually will lead was the cloud will purchase a little bit when for some sun sign as a wise for the six is at the plan by three this afternoon will warmer primarily to the upper 60s. if >> james: that will make it into the low seventies to their warm enough in fact that we could approach and tied some record highs for today will see that adds to happen speaking of ties to the quick look at the peninsula and the forecast for today where expected from the crowded skies afternoon temperatures that will be run around 66 in san francisco local and they said the lockup agrees mid- 60s and several senate sale 69 bird was city 70 in half moon bay 69 again that is a quick snapshot of the peninsula forecast for today i will have the entire bay area camille as 645 will talk more about the rent on
6:33 am
the way not to traffic. if >>george: we're looking animal accident that occurred to to hot spot a 80 southbound here and opened its 90th avenue leading into san leandro most of the traffic has landed avenue in the morning is however on the northbound side of the freeway in the ride to the corridor this morning stars to get backed up with early recall of problems in hayward they're not turning out to be as bad as we feared they might be the ride down 580 is as bad it could be westbound were looking at one hour's drive time heading out of the out to my out to the dublin and to change and not enough for traffic is getting through the 680 southbound a starting to slow for the trip through pleasanton down to slow. >>george: of my friends to hold pretty well in a quick look at the bridge the bay
6:34 am
bridge was brought to the back the right to the edge of the macarthur maze. the golden gate bridge ride is a little heavy south mall but there are no delays for the strip across the span from the will break down the toll plaza. >>mark: he was at his house as a police raid the gruesome discovery. he did not notice a bit unusual about his friend. he was not
6:35 am
acting different strains or nervous excited it was the same person came in schedules and did the same thing as normal that of evidence they need is also for murder. and it could now take months the three children are green with his current wife >>mark: and he is pleading not guilty in the case he pleaded not guilty of five felony counts in court yesterday will have been in the party inside they're
6:36 am
not stand for stilling he restrained her it would please arrive the prosecutor said witnesses are heroes these types of sexual assaults have on campus and part is all across the country sadly they often go on reporter hours were not able to proceed on these cases to look for the victim in this case they're too good samaritans collector right place at the right time and one for the they did the right thing and that is a lesson that needs to be sent to the community do not stand by if you see something inappropriate if you see something say something >>mark: is free on bail and on to lead stanford and returned home and i'll he's will part said 100 ft. away from the woman involved in the case. >>darya: the ground hog the did not want to be handled on a prediction about whether would tell you what he did and it is the attack
6:37 am
of the beauty queen will tell you why this comes was not happy what results and what she did. >>darya: the timbers and oakland are now 54 degrees and has 171 for by this afternoon.
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meal. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care. >>george: it has from pretty dramatically in the very short period of time and are ready now back up through the macarthur maze all tie with 24 and highway 24 is backed up nearly to choose hospital that pushes the drive time up from 18 to about 24 to 26 minutes and i expect that drive times to continue to grow will get the rest of your traffic in just a minute. >>mark: they're not
6:41 am
releasing to one new photos of former leader fidel castro is seen in these pictures speak to university students and his wife as well as looking at a newspaper according to comments newspaper their technology rich with a third the newspaper publishing this follows a people into the one to know that he was alive and well these bottles are the first bottles of the 88 year-old to have been published in nearly six months. >>darya: time is running out for a charles manson and the woman wants to marry him there 90 day marriage license expires on thursday chances are manson and the woman goes by the name of start will not be able to tie the knot before thursday that 80 romanticism a life sentence as a state prison and in may wedding is a threat or a visiting hours on a weekend off if they want to get married there ought to have to apply for another marriage license. >> james: are tracking what weather to our norms it will
6:42 am
come down to the bay area if forfeit the future cash coming in just a moment.
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>> james: where one to start of with this live shot here sfo. the loss to talk live
6:45 am
future cash for all such unpredictability into we have just general support is in this out there nothing to intense and the whale from all aware say that up in another visibility map shows less the amount visibility is santa rosa tracking very carefully the east bay and the south where we saw a fall for pretty badly late last week when our ride down by more visibility in herod in san jose 6 mob visibility in livermore and in concord if that develops into something worth let you know where tracking here for you on the kron 4 mobile lows as talk about temperatures because they all are on the mild side a lot more in the web of before as a loaf is right now. >> james: 49 in santa rosa in san jose santa rosa is will the 45 mild weather they're a threat by the water so that is where we're doing in the store resting at the moment later on this
6:46 am
afternoon was to seize and is in warming the following year of bad blood it will be with us the most of the morning as it will part a separate get some sunshine timbers is warming up to the '70s and the south bend even the is in getting in on that accident was pleasant and the more oakland the decimus of the '60s there but of the sexes and of the play as well in downtown san francisco summerall 66 >> james: it is one for your vision is out along the peninsula coastline will look for 64 in this city 69 half moon bay pretty much everyone will have a partly cloudy forecast available clear out livermore let's say four to the south as dram in morgan hill they're probably have a sunny afternoon will have a list here of today expected eye for the cities in the
6:47 am
record and you noticed this pretty close we could get close to tying some record he is after no mountain view of the best can it expect the high 70 the north bay
6:48 am
will be the most out of the system for of the biggest accumulation there that is wrong one round to come saturday night into sunday will have more on that as we close to it now let's find out about the commute to we have george keeping an eye on that. >>george: that is no surprise will traffic typically in the northbound direction it is southbound with an accident and 98 avenue in started out it is backing things abed i am hoping that it will get clear out of the lines quickly enough and does not become a major snag the ride than continuing on to hayward in a southbound is not as bad as it has been so sluggish yes the drive times through the corridor is still running about 32 minutes and that is not bad and we have shaved about 15 minutes off to the west about 580 drive and got the problem clear and livermore that means heavy traffic getting through the dublin and on to six '80s
6:49 am
southbound the south bay freeway is starting to show some concessions here on the guadalupe parkway and on 101 leading up toward downtown san jose and highway 87 north a ride getting sore as well past the civic center >>george: the bay ridge sadly backed up into the macarthur maze drive times over 26 minutes closer to 30 from highway 24 for the san mateo bridge continued to bog down as we get closer to the 7:00 hour for the golden gate bridge no delays or problems that is good news and for the 580 ride is just beginning to slow down not so pleasant but not yet backed up on 580 westmount as you head to richmond. >>darya: the fcc wants to crack down practice of slow lanes on high-speed internet
6:50 am
feature that atlanta reclassify high-speed internet as a public utility that will give the agency more power to regulate the internet they want to make sure the internet providers are not discriminated against companies that provide a continent that flexible net slid has complained that brought back companies slow down is traffic during negotiation which makes it harder for customers to strain videos and providers are against more regulations and that will lead to higher cost >>mark: his mature and murder and attempted murder prosecutors said that he intended to run down the man at the argument on a movie set the man killed have been a friend of them and the judge was as a is also revoked his $2 million bail after authorities say he could be a flight risk or intimidate witnesses. >>darya: the iconographic
6:51 am
double decker buses with the roof completely ripped off and people were in this bustling this accident happened yesterday apparently the bus was going down the road in central london and hit a tree and the tree and sheered off the top and a bus loaded with people like it for android to accidental to the hospital because of this is farnese everyone was pretty lucky they're not more serious injuries >> reporter: here is what a stranded on social media this morning we had the measles the bay a man walking 21 mi. to work and a beauty pageant and brazil takes an ugly turn when the winter was crowned. crowd cheering-- >> reporter: she is unhappy that was the runner-up of
6:52 am
ms. amazon a 2015 she tears of the crown of the winner during the beauty pageant in brazil and then she throws it took this as minor and what what she did this because she felt that the contest was fixed on her face but pays the run a recession does not regret her actions and that she wanted something clean and honest dobbin of the form was may 1st runner-up in last year's with international pageant and maybe she's just a sore loser we do not know for sure. >>mark: tubal 49 making history most was ever more than on average a lot of 14 million people watching the game viewers should pick a letter hundred 21 million during the dramatic ending for the halftime show with katie perry hundred and 18
6:53 am
million people in america around or watched it. >>darya: the city of sun prairie is celebrating what jimmy the ground hog heaven on a to 67 years he was tired of it first it was nibbling and the whispering nothing if you see this and he sends it to a pretty good job >>mark: rosa wary of mayors will be right back as we
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>> james: sinn be interesting in the first round of bad weather scheduled to arrive thursday night through friday i will talk about the satellite and just the second outsider and now we have all began to grow and this is a recital san mateo and we cannot at this point back of the peninsula which would normally see right there to the fog is beginning to develop in the south in the east bay right now and along the lower peninsula more on that to come in just a bit limited your quick look at


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